Tézzo SUZUKI / 鈴木哲生 Graphic Designer / グラフィックデザイナ


Quasi-Slogan T


I was luckily invited as one of the first artists to Merch By Amazon which is launched in Japan in the autumn 2020. The text-like drawing on the Quasi-Slogan T is seemingly meaningful but actually meaningless. It's up to you how you read it.

Amazon Fashion による オンデマンド・サービス Merch by Amazon の日本展開開始に伴うキャンペーンとして、アイテムの制作を依頼され、販売中です。 Quasi-Slogan Tに書かれたスローガンは意味ありげですが、実際は意味のないただの模様です。ご自分でお好きなように読みを当てていただいて結構です。

SAVE OUR (black) US - UK - ES - FR - IT - DE - JP

SAVE OUR (white or blue) US - UK - ES - FR - IT - DE - JP

People in the Forest


project page

I took part in NATURE IS NOT YOUR HOUSEHOLD, a charity poster project for the maintaining forests project More Trees. You can purchase the 13 posters by Yoshiki MURAMATSU, Yoko YUKI, Mariko OKAZAKI, Shun SASAKI, Gregory Ambos and more at the website below.
Honestly what I worked on in this opportunity was something quite personal; I wanted to draw the landscape of a forest along the Toné in Toride city where I lived for just one year when I was a university student. Somehow this beautiful river-side woods impressed me in a slightly weird way. I don’t know why but it felt like there were a group of mysterious and shy hermits in the forest...